What She’s Reading


Just Finished:  The Woman in Cabin 10 

Let’s see, I just finished reading (okay, listening
to during my commute) The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. My honest opinion is that it was amazing. I highly recommend reading it. The plot is ever changing and twists so much that, by the time I figured out the ending, it had already arrived.

beautiful Now Reading: Beautiful Uncertainty by Mandy Hale

To say I recommend reading this book to any young, single and searching women out there is an understatement. I stumbled upon it about two weeks back and, even though I primarily have to focus on school, every chapter I read in Hale’s book is applicable to everything I’m going through. It’s amazing and a huge inspiration.

If you want to see more (or read more of her writing), check out her blog!
Unfortunately, because I’m in my last semester of school, I really haven’t had much time for novel reading recently. Check out my Summer reading list to see what will be in store soon (or in May, after graduation).