Things She’s Knitted

Angled Eyelets Blanket – This is the first blanket I’ve ever knitted. It was rather difficult, but I feel like it taught me some really important knitting essentials!


Reversible Chevron Scarf: I made this one for my best friend Matt. It took about three days of work and ended up being about three feet long
Striped Blanket
Striped Angled Eyelets Blanket – I used the standard Angled Eyelets Blanket pattern for this and alternated colors every time I re-started the pattern. Turned out pretty fabulous!
Natasha's Blanket
Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the pattern I used for this blanket. However, the yarn is the Jo-Ann Fabrics exclusive Bernat Home Bundle yarn. The pattern came with it 😉
All collages on this page were made with Collage Maker.