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When You Hear What You Don’t Want To Hear

Here I am, a little more into my spiritual journey and suddenly God starts asking me to do things that I don't really want to do. I'm pretty sure we've all been here. That point when a rough situation passes and then God starts asking you to reshape yourself and - in reality - work on your… Continue reading When You Hear What You Don’t Want To Hear

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I Have A Road Rage Problem

I love mornings (haha, we all know I don't) and, when I have to deal with people who can't choose a lane or go the posted speed limit, that's like the cherry on my ice cream sunday (again, it's not). In fact, every morning, I climb into my car and look forward to all of… Continue reading I Have A Road Rage Problem

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This is my Disclaimer

I'm bat s**t crazy, and that's that. You might be thinking to yourself, "No, crazy people don't admit that they're crazy. This chick is just trying to get attention." You're wrong.¹ I guess, when I go to the doctor, they don't necessarily diagnose me with crazy. Actually, the exact term they use for whatever is constantly going… Continue reading This is my Disclaimer