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When the Wind Blows

Today, while I was walking to work from where I parked, the wind was gusting across Milwaukee. However, unlike a "normal" windy day, the wind would throw me backward, then change direction and blow me forward, and then change direction - again - and toss me to the right and left. No matter how stiffly I… Continue reading When the Wind Blows

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Let Go(d)

Have you ever been praying about a specific matter for weeks, hearing God's response in your head, but unsure of what he wants you to do? Then you feel his response, either within a dream or it literally just smacks you in the face while you're driving down the road. Only, it's not what you wanted to… Continue reading Let Go(d)

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Wings, Waitresses, and God’s Grace

Like many do on Thursday nights, I went out for half priced wings at Buffalo Wild Wings with my close friend and her daughter. Okay, so I guess most people don't go out with my friend, but I think you probably understand what I'm getting at. Anyways, last night we decided to try out a different B-Dubs… Continue reading Wings, Waitresses, and God’s Grace