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A Light in a World Full of Darkness

Last night, 59 missiles were dropped onto Syria by the orders of the President of the United States. In my mind, another war has just started. Or, perhaps, it may have begun years ago, when a nations President determined that he had the power to bomb his own citizens. Either way, in the past week, many… Continue reading A Light in a World Full of Darkness

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But the Greatest of these is Love

Everyday, we wake up, we go through the motions, we chat with co-workers and we go home. There's nothing wrong with that, at least on the surface. I mean, the truth is that most of us aren't sinning in extreme ways throughout our daily routine. However, many of us worry about the little things - will… Continue reading But the Greatest of these is Love

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Wings, Waitresses, and God’s Grace

Like many do on Thursday nights, I went out for half priced wings at Buffalo Wild Wings with my close friend and her daughter. Okay, so I guess most people don't go out with my friend, but I think you probably understand what I'm getting at. Anyways, last night we decided to try out a different B-Dubs… Continue reading Wings, Waitresses, and God’s Grace