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A Light in a World Full of Darkness

Last night, 59 missiles were dropped onto Syria by the orders of the President of the United States. In my mind, another war has just started. Or, perhaps, it may have begun years ago, when a nations President determined that he had the power to bomb his own citizens. Either way, in the past week, many have died due to the governments of the world. Apparently, at some point, murdering people for a “purpose” suddenly became okay.


I guess I might be crazy. I mean, war has been happening since the beginning of time. Furthermore, should one not CT4ishKWUAAiuDTpay consequences for injuring others? I don’t even know how to answer that question. I mean, who lives in such a pure and not sinful way that they have the right to dish out punishments to those that are less worthy? At the same time, how do we just let a murderer wander free and escape the consequences of murder? There are so many questions, but so few answers.

The real question that Christians should be concerned with is the one that asks us what we should be doing. Thankfully, I know the answer to that one.

 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

John 1:5

On earth, we – as Christians – are responsible for being the light in a world full of disease, heartbreak, murder, manipulation and sin. See, Jesus told us that we are the light that shines in darkness and – if we put our faith in him – the darkness, the storms, the evil, the sin, and the hopelessness will not overcome us. We are his precious messengers and -regardless of all of the answers to all of the questions about Syria, regardless of what humans think is right or wrong, regardless of all of the worldly devastation – we are here to shine brightly and continue to do so, regardless of how dangerous it may be.


This means we are not here to condemn, we are not here to hate, we are not here to judge, we are not here to murder, we are not here to punish – we are here to shine.

**I am not fully informed on the entire situation in Syria, but I feel it’s time to speak up.*



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