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Are Our Teeth Imperfect?

So there I was, with a drill in my mouth and the sound of screaming in my ears as my dentist replaced yet another bad filling in my wait whatmolar. Then it occurred to me that the dentist (yup, talking about the man in the white coat who tortures little children) is kind of like God. Now that you probably think I’m just crazy, let me clarify.

See, the Bible clearly states that mankind was created in God’s image. This means that we were perfect, flawless, unique and beautiful little versions of an omniscient God. As all humans do (I mean, maybe there’s an exception out there – in which case, I apologize), we get teeth – twice. First, we get our “baby” teeth. The great thing about those are that they act as “practice teeth” that will eventually be replaced by even better, more perfect teeth. However, the downfall of these new teeth is that they are the final set we receive.

“So God created mankind in his own image,

in the image of God he created them;

male and female he created them.” 

Genesis 1:27

Like we often do in life, we mess up our teeth – cracking them, breaking them, not taking proper care of them – and, like a lost soul, they often need repair and love. However, this repair and love isn’t always gentle. In fact, sometimes – like our relationship with God does – it can leave us feeling helpless, pained and often lonely while the dentist chisels away, making our teeth perfect again by cleaning them, polishing them and filling in the holes.

The dentist making our teeth perfect again is about as – if not less – painful than our journey with God often is. He asks us to give up things for him, asks us to stand tall even when there are storms surrounding us and asks us to put all of our faith in him, knowing that he is the one with the perfect plan.

So, I hope you can see it now – the dentist is like God’s special carpenter for our teeth. Like God, he wants to make our teeth into the perfect image, only God focuses on our entire being. I mean, the dentist still sucks, but sometimes the pain is worth the perfect smile.


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