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The Greatness of God in My Indecisive Life

“What type of bread? Also, what type of cheese?”

I looked blankly at the woman behind the register, totally baffled by two of the simplest questions regarding what type of grilled turkey and cheese I would like. As indecisive as I can be, this is the type of moment that normally stops me in my tracks. It’s almost as hard as deciding what I want to drink with dinner. So trivial, yet so difficult. I think my quick response kind of threw her off. All I said was, “You choose.”

Now, some people may scoff and laugh at the idea of someone relying on God to make every decision they have in life. I mean, do I take the interstate or the side roads to work in the morning? Do I read or watch this or that? Do I visit this person or that person? Do I go on a road trip this weekend? All trivial, minuscule things.

“Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. – Psalm 25:4”

Yet, God has told us to not only rely on him, but place our hope in him all day long.  Unlike so many other books, the Bible doesn’t have footnotes. Unlike so many contracts, God’s promise has no fine print. He wants us to follow him and trust him all of the time. Not only when we’re having a bad day or on Sunday morning. He wants us to follow him and put all of our faith into him in regards to everything all day long, even the type of cheese for our sandwich. Really, though, God is my best friend and I would ask my best friend trivial questions like that, so it kind of makes sense, right?



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