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My Priorities Right Now

So, as of last night, I feel this sudden urge to focus on three significant things right now and let everything else play out accordingly.better-me

First, I plan to focus on me. When I say “me”,  I
mean my health, my weight and the way I perceive who I truly am.

Second, I want to focus on God. I feel like – in this very moment – I am in some huge part of his plan for my life, so I need to focusstrengthen my relationship with him. And, for those of you who question the existence of God – or a higher power in general – I need something (and I mean somethingto believe in. I am incredibly damaged right now, but I know – in my heart, my gut and my mind – that everything is going to work out.



Finally, I need to focus on both my career and education. I’ve been so distracted the past few weeks and I can’t afford to keep functioning in a state of weakness and dread. Beyond that, I really need to let things play out and I can’t do that if I’m constantly fussing over every little detail or crying because I’m horribly sad.



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