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A Couple Weeks Late and A Hundred Dollars Short

Needless to say, the last couple weeks have been different. I will be completely honest, defff8efabe1c0fef5e527deabb22294as much as I want to talk about what I’ve been going through, I feel like God has taken the reigns and I’m ready to see what journey unfolds.¹

Anyhow, so as life (at least my life) tends to do during bad periods, it overwhelmed me. I
ended up getting sick and surviving off of Prozac, lemonade, Lorazepam and whatever food I managed to shove in my face without feeling nauseous. In other words, I felt like crap and my emotions were crappy and my anxiety was extra crappy.

But this isn’t what this post is about because, thankfully, I don’t feel sad anymore. Actually, for the first time in a while, I feel just fine. he-hears-herExcept for the fact that I took one – hundred dollars out of my bank account and put it somewhere “safe” that I would “remember”. However, as luck would have it, I have no idea where the hell the money is and now I’m broke and ughhhhhh…

Other people have this problem, too, right? Like, why me? WHY ME? WHYYYYYY ME? I need some mac n cheese and a pillow. Hello Monday, thanks for always being Monday. I appreciate that I can always wake up knowing that today is going to suck.

¹I can’t explain why I’m so confident and okay with everything. It makes no logical sense to me, but I just feel like what’s meant to be is sorting itself out. 


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