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Girls Just Want To Eat Carbs

I want you to – without thinking about it or contemplating what’s healthy and what’s not – name the three best foods in the world. I’m serious, write them down and – if you’re feeling gutsy – post them in the comments below. I swear, if anyone lists salad for any other reason besides enjoying how fresh it tastes under Hidden Valley Ranch, I don’t believe you.


My three favorite are Mac N’ Cheese (we’re talking the Kraft powder kind, Velveeta, Cracker Barrel or homemade), turkey and cheddarcries sandwiches and anything with peanut butter. In other words, I love carbs. It’s unfair, though, because carbs are literally one of the most dangerous portions of our diets. I get it, there are “good” carbs – like fruit and veggies – and bad carbs – like bread, noodles and processed sugars. Still, though, they make you gain weight, whether they are good or bad for you.

bad-things-with-carbsHow is it fair?! Why did God make it so all of the good things in life make you fat, drunk or pregnant? I wouldn’t care so much, but let’s be honest – no one judges someone for eating a salad for two of their meals. But, God forbid, you eat noodles for lunch and dinner, you’re making unhealthy choices. I mean, salads fine (I’m eating one right now – because I want carbs for dinner), but it doesn’t compare to cheese or peanut butter.

To clarify, girls (or people in general) just want to eat all of the oozy and gooey “bad for you food”. That’s how it works.


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