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Why The Hell Do People Hack Social Media?

I can’t figure out why people keep trying to hack my stuff. Like, I’m a broke twenty-something-year-old who barely uses Facebook or Twitter, unless I’m insanely bored and have nothing better to do than read through peoples opinions, as advertised on the internet. I don’t have any credit card information on any of my social media accounts (because I’m not a fucking idiot). So why hack my account?

Almost every single day I get an email notification that says something along the lines of, “Someone has signed into your account in *INSERT RANDOM CITY NAME HERE*, *INSERT FOREIGN COUNTRY NAME HERE*. If this was not you, please contact *INSERT WEBSITE NAME HERE* immediately.”

Here’s the twisted part, though. I live in Wisconsin, I work in Wisconsin and, unless I Broke.jpghopped on a plane last night and decided to travel the world with the zero dollars I have in my bank account,¹ I’m still in Wisconsin.Oh yeah, and I didn’t change my email domain to some address in Russia, so there’s that, too.

I mean, it’s probably partially my fault because I’ve used the same email address for the last ten years and, until two months ago, used the same password for most things, as well. But still, I’m not going to uproot my life and actually get around to changing my info at seven in the morning (or what ever time that would equate to in Czechoslovakia).

I just can’t fathom why people even bother hacking my crap. I’m not anything special. I mundanehave three followers on my blog and lead a pretty mundane life. I spend my free time knitting in my knock-off lazy boy. Would the hackers just hack someone who is actually important and stop bothering me?

¹After bills, groceries and ruthless online shopping.

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