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Have You Ever Watched a Spider?

Someone once told me that spiders will eat the other bugs in your apartment if you don’t smash them. As much I’d love to believe this, I seriously can’t stand the idea of them crawling across my bed, my dresser, or my face (yuck). Yet, while I watch them climb the walls and cross the ceiling, I feel like I have a slight connection to the freaky little things. It’s like their my defense against other, grosser creepy crawly things.

Anyways, this morning when I decided to get my lazy ass out of bed, I sat on my toilet and down came the little spider, with his eight legs and all. It was a weird moment of interaction, like I knew he was watching me and he knew I was watching him. He started to scramble up and down like a trapeze artist. Maybe that where the idea of spinning on ropes high in the air came from. Really, though, this guy had mad skills.

I told him that as long as I don’t see him running across the floor, he can chill here as long as he likes. He seemed to accept that by scrambling up saw a spider.jpgand down his little string of web stuff. When I asked him to bite me and turn me into Spider Woman, he didn’t seem to be so into that.

Anyhow, if you’ve never watched a spider and interacted with one, you really should. Unless it’s larger than a dime or poisonous, then you should probably just smash it and hope there aren’t any eggs hidden in your apartment.

Also, as an update, I had to move the spider outside. He didn’t follow the no crawling on my shit rule as well as I hoped he would. So I put him on the patio, so maybe he’ll go visit the horrible and nasty neighbors downstairs.





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