Do.List: Organize Your Life For 99 Cents

As a fairly decent college student, my life tends to resemble a strategically laid out puzzle. If a single piece is knocked out of order, my life becomes a collection of chaos, mixed with frustration and no toilet paper in the morning. Eventually, I started writing lists everywhere. Some of them were collections of what books I wanted to read, others included my shopping list which ensured I had milk every time I wanted a bowl of cereal. However, the issue with my list writing was that I eventually started to lose track of my lists – did I shove it in the bottom of my purse, cram it into the cup holder in my car or did I accidentally toss it in the garbage can? Although my first instinct was to write a list of where I had put all of my lists, I quickly realized that I needed to find a central database for all of my lists. That’s when I stumbled across David Getman’s “Do.List” application in the iOS store.

The Goodimg_0084

  • Do.List is an inexpensive and easy way to organize your tasks for today, tomorrow and later. It makes organizing the menial tasks – readings, writings or cleaning – an easy and quick task. Once you complete something, you simply slide left on the task and hit “Done”. If you feel like you need to see what you’ve accomplished, it’s conveniently located on the “Done” screen. As you can see, I’ve completed 31 tasks so far!
  • It backs up to the iCloud. So, when your phone abruptly crashes or you decide to update to the iPhone 7, your lists will survive.
  • It’s versatile. For the most part, between the life list options and the day to day lists, Do.List is extremely versatile and can conform to just about any list-writers lifestyle. Whether you just need somewhere to track your work assignments or your looking for somewhere to organize every aspect of your life, this app is a great starting point.
  • It sets you up for success. Whenever you open the app, it takes you straight to the “Today” list, allowing you to focus on what you need to get done now. In addition, if you add too many tasks to the today list, it suggests moving some to tomorrow, allowing you to avoid overwhelming yourself.

The Bad

  • There’s no free trial. Sadly, even if it works amazingly for me, it might not be your forte. Even though it’s only 99 img_0082cents, some people aren’t into buying an app that they can’t test a little bit first.
  • There is no option to create your own “Life List”. Although the lists already made available range from “Work List” through “Quote List”, it would be awesome if the user had the option to create their own basic list for things that apply directly to their life. Getman does encourage users to share their ideas for more lists in the reviews, but I think some people have unique lists they might want to keep private.
  • It’s only available on Apple Products. Which is great, for me. However, given how incredible this app is, I think making available on other platforms would make it so much more phenomenal. It would also allow users to take their lists to a different type of phone, if they wish to do so.
  • There is no account. This one is both a pro and con. Where some users appreciate not having to sign up for yet another pointless account, it would be great if you could log into your lists from more than one device. Maybe giving users the option to create an account – but not making it a requirement – would be beneficial.

The Verdictimg_0081

Personally, I love this app. I think it was a fantastic investment and, overall, it works like a charm. I encourage anyone who needs to organize their life and loves doing it with lists to use this. I have a “Life List” for books I want to read,  places I want to go and random tasks I need to get done.

That being said, like all things in this world, it has it’s flaws. For example, if I could create a list of things I want to blog about, this review would have been completed a lot sooner. Overall, I give the app a 4.25/5. For all of its short comings, I think it’s an incredible app, a fantastic investment and something every list oriented person could potentially fall in love with.

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