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Creepy Clown Epidemic

It’s hard to say when the creepy clown trend began. Perhaps it started in 1986, with Stephen King’s It. Or maybe it was years later, when a miniseriesclown – based off of the novel – swept the nation in 1990. However,
it may have started just last year, when creepy clowns were spotted around our nation, in places like Green Bay and Waukesha, Wisconsin. When the trend began doesn’t matter, what does is that the creepy clown has turned into a nationwide epidemic.

When I say “epidemic”, I mean that this whole thing has gone viral. In Hampton, Virginia, reports have been established about a 13-year-old girl attempting to pay a clown to kill her teacher.  While that rumor seems to be founded on truth, the lies regarding clowns murdering 23 people in Canada, which was established by the Global Sun – a satire news site – and the murder of a woman in a Walmart parking lot who “looked like a clown” are not factual.

However, if you Google “creepy clowns” and select news, your feed will be filled with thousands of reports regarding criminal threats, which have managed to leak their way into rural communities nationwide, and clowns arrested for lurking suspiciously around neighborhood forests. It is important to realize that some of the threats are very real, since multiple recent attempted kidnappings have been the crime of creepy clowns. Although many city agencies acknowledge that some of these matters are worth being concerned about, they also point out that most of the crimes associated with “creepy clowns” aren’t substantial.

And, just in case you stumbled across the news article claiming that Congress has made killing our creepy neighbors legal if they happen to be wearing their clown suits on the street at night, they haven’t. In fact, unless they actually become a physical threat, even the police can’t help you out. So, beware my friends, for it’s October and the streets are being patrolled by your friendly neighborhood clowns.


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